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CENTSEIZE an independent label for accessories & fashion of finest hand-crafted quality working   as   a   freelance   designer   since   2008,   anna   veit   founded   her   label   CENTSEIZE    in   2013   and   started   to   introduce annual collections to the market. the   product   range   extends   from   leather   bags   over   basics   made   of   silk   to   fine   knitted   jumpers   for   women.   but   great   deals are also contriubted to the male customers. the   top   priority   is   to   produce   timelessly   modern   favorite   pieces,   taken   into   one’s   heart   to   be   enjoyed   for   a   long   time. CENTSEIZE  don’t rely on short-lived trends, but on highest quality and clear design.. all   products   are   without   exception   made   of   natural   materials   like   leather,   silk   or   linen   and   of   superior   quality.   in   the stuttgart-based studio all pieces are exclusively handmade and therefore only available in limited edition. individually custom made products for private or commercial customers can be realised on request. for   example,   CENTSEIZE    produced   special   work   bags   for   the   staff   of   The   berlin   concept-store   “the   corner”   or   key   rings made of leather, distributed to the vip-guests of “ellington hotel berlin”.
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